Your user account has been locked because you have not configured 2fa within the grace period.

2fa basic ‘Two Factor AuthenticationWordPress login issue solve this in just 4 steps.

If you have installed 2fa plugin in your WordPress website and forget to complete the configuration or lost/dead your mobile authentication device so no you can follow just few steps to resolve this issue, “your user account has been locked because you have not configured 2fa basic Two Factor Authentication within the grace period. please contact the website administrator to unlock your user and you can configure 2fa.”

After a lot of effort I found a solution here after figuring that I might be able to disable plugins from database which contain all data and website entries, Here you can see in just 04 tested and suggested steps can help to resolve basic Two Factor Authentication WordPress issue.

Step 1 – Login to your website’s “phpMyAdmin” database.

Step 2 – Then click on “wp_options” under option name

Step 3 – Click on the “active_plugins” remove the “Option_values” temporally keep the values in some txt file with you because after removing values from wordpress “Option_values” all your plugins will be deactivated and disappeared, So restore other useful plugins we need to put it back .

Step 4 – then try to login again and yes now you will be able to login in your WordPress website.

(In my Case it worked!).

Preview to edit values

Now go to list of installed plugins finally Disable/remove the “2FA” basic Two Factor Authentication plugin from your WordPress website. and restore the WordPress “Option_values” which we had copied in txt file.

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