remove snap loop mount linux command line

Snap is a linux based software package deployment system, the packages it distributes are called ‘snap packages’. The snap packages contain both the software and its related dependencies, so they are usually large and take more space in your system.

Snap is lauded because its having following advantages like

  • Snap package automatically gets updated
  • Each package come with related dependencies
  • Allow multiple installations of a package

By default snap works with the latest Ubuntu, and users usually complain about these packages’ slow installation performance. Snap is an excellent alternative to APT but still has many deficiencies.

There are also concerns about its security. Though snap is controlled and supervised by Canonical, that does not mean these packages are secure.

Some of the linux users try to avoid the use of snap packages because of these annoyances. If you are having a wrong time with a snap, you are at the place because this guide is all about dumping the snap.

Sometime it’s being experienced by some of the users that if you could not complete the installation and not need to keep that package and you left with the following snap entries in you partition list.

#apt purge snapd

above command can help to resolve the issue and remove the unwanted entries.

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