Home and Away ties up two loose ends after cast exits.

Home and Away has wrapped up storylines for Chloe Anderson and Bella Nixon following their recent departures from Summer Bay.

Chloe bowed out on Australian screens last week, heading off to New Zealand following encouragement from the Parata family.

The Paratas are currently being terrorised by a dangerous biker gang, so Tane felt that it was better for Chloe to get away for her own safety.

Chloe made a low-key departure without explaining the situation to her boyfriend Theo Poulos, as the Paratas believed it was best to keep everyone else out of it.

chloe anderson and theo poulos in home and away
Home and Away ties up

However, in Thursday’s triple bill of episodes on Channel 7, this loose end was tied up as Chloe was forced to reject Theo in a difficult phone call.

Theo had become confused over Chloe’s ongoing absence from the Bay and her lack of contact.

Although Chloe wasn’t seen on screen, she spoke to Theo over the phone and left him devastated by confirming that she wanted to break up. Theo was upset to realise that Chloe wouldn’t be returning.

Meanwhile, Bella is also newly-single after Nikau Parata decided to break up with her. Much like the Chloe situation, Nikau felt this was for Bella’s own safety as she’d been planning to return home to Summer Bay from New York.

hursday’s episode saw Dean Thompson inform his sister Mackenzie Booth that he’d been speaking to Bella on the phone and she had no plans to return.

This provides closure after Bella originally told her loved ones that she was only leaving for a few months in order to work with Emmett Ellison.

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